SBM Foundations

How to Undermine Engagement, Destroy Trust and Wreck Collaboration Before it Can Even Dare Take Root Collaboration is when an effective team harnesses the best out of individuals working together and appears to be disarmingly simple: “to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something” But everyone in the team […]

Understand Me – Getting to KNOW Your Audience

If there’s one complaint I hear about a leader’s skills from their boss or their HR, it’s that they don’t adjust their communication for their audience. And yet those leaders genuinely believe that they do adjust for their audience. So who is right? Well, they’re both correct of course. The presenter thinks they are adjusting but […]

The Paradox of Potential

On Becoming All That You Can Be I vividly remember my school Term Report from my Art teacher: “John shows no potential whatsoever for Art.” I knew that I wasn’t any good at Art, not in any conventional sense anyway, but this hurt. I was 11 years old. I put my aspirations of being the […]